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Visa Services

Timely service, Reasonable price, After care, Secure, safe and legal documentation


International & Domestic Air Tickets, 24 x 7 connectivity and services, Medical Insurance Services

Car Rental

We hire professional drivers then orient and monitor them around the clock and Airport drops and pickups

Charter Flights

Emergency Evacuations via any routes, Linkages all over the world, Medical Insurance Services

Hotel Booking

Price Comparison, Easy Cancellation, Special event package Networking with hotels all over the World

Group Tours

Clean itineraries, Excellent package, Day trip/ Weekly/ Monthly trips, Sight-seeing, Charter flight trips

Visa Extension Service/ Visa Service

• Timely service
• Hustle free
• Reasonable price
• After care
• Secure, safe and legal documentation
• Holistic service

Air Tickets

• International Air Tickets
• Domestic Air Tickets
• Emergency Evacuations via any routes
• Linkages all over the world
• 24 x 7 connectivity and services
• Mentoring and follow-ups throughout the travel 
• Medical Insurance Services
• Shortest and direct routes are recommended
• 2 – 3 quotes available as per your choice

Our ticketing is based on:

1. Authenticity
2. Dependability
3. Insightfulness
4. Passion
5. Drive

Hotel Booking

• Price Comparison.
• Easy Cancellation
• Star hotels with reasonable price
• Relaxing and peaceful location.
• Excellent security features
• Priority on care and hospitality
• Comprehensive monitoring system
• Special corporate package
• Special event package
• Training and meeting hall facilities
• Networking with hotels all over the World

Car Rental

• We hire professional drivers then orient and monitor
them around the clock.
• A SMS system is activated throughout the road
journey for safety and security reasons.
• All types of cars are provided (Sedan, SUV, 10/14
seaters, buses).
• Luxury buses for team trips and excursions
• Daily Rental/Monthly Rental
• Airport drops and pickups
• Weather forecast and other risks are assessed and

We also Monitor:

1. Windowscreen wipers and screen wash
2. Tire pressures
3. Tire tread path
4. Oio levels
5. Engine coolants
6. Lights
7. Window and Mirrors

Group Tour

• Clean itineraries
• Excellent package
• All safety measure adopted
• After care
• Regular monitoring
• New destinations
• Corporate package
• Reiterate training
• Sight-seeing
• Community visit
• Day trip/ Weekly/ Monthly trips
• Guide services
• Charter flight trips
• Yoga and meditation retreat
• speed boats/ engine boats
• Yangon group walk
• Cycle group tour

Travel and Tour

Secure. Care. Trust

About Us

Quality, reasonability, transparency, accountability
and satisfaction are our prime concern and focus



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